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Charlotte Bobcats at Milwaukee Bucks Preview -- Game 3

The Big Picture: The Milwaukee Bucks have also started the season 0-2, losing to the Hornets in New Orleans and then losing last night to the Timberwolves in Minnesota. There are bizarre details in the box scores.

Against the Hornets, Emeka Okafor took 0 shots in 26 minutes, and John Salmons scored only 5 points in his 32 minutes. Against the Wolves, the Bucks shot 36% from the field, with both Salmons and Andrew Bogut failing to reach 10 points. Corey Maggette has come off the bench in both games, but he's still the same ol' Corey, launching up shot after shot, but mitigating his gunner ways by getting to the line with impunity.

What I suspect we're seeing with this Bucks team is a higher-powered version of last season's Bobcats. That is to say, though Bogut and Brandon Jennings are the most important players to their team, they are dependent on everyone performing well to win because they don't have that one guy they can lean upon for offense. They've got a superior defense, too, which should make for a grind-it-out contest.

Musical Interlude: Shiny Toy Guns -- "Ghost Town"

Key to Victory: Stop one guy. Just as we saw over and over last year, if one guy gets stopped, they don't have the type of explosive scorer who can make up the difference.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: 12 guys on the Bucks' roster have played at least 14 minutes this season. Scott Skiles looks to be using a deep bench already.