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What do you want to see on the site this year?

I'm told Facebook is going to be the great connector, that because so many people use it, there's some yet-to-be-figured-out magic trick that, once turned, will give people an even more satisfying internet experience than is possible given what we know now. Can Rufus on Fire be a part of that?

I don't really know how to use Facebook and Twitter as "marketing tools". Basically, I've always viewed them as a way for people who particularly like this site can connect with each other, me included. Sure, we all care about basketball, because we're all here at Rufus on Fire to talk about the Bobcats -- and various funny things that are only tangentially related to the Bobcats -- but  we are also all complicated people with wide interests.

For instance, the other day, @CardboardGerald and I talked about The Social Network. Why? Because I posted something about Trent Reznor doing the music for the movie, and we went from there. In other words, I had a brief conversation about something interesting with someone I wouldn't have had that conversation with had we not each made the initial effort to connect through our social sites. Good times.

That's Twitter, and following is really easy. Facebook seems to be a different animal because it's so much more personal. That said, if any of you want to connect with me on Facebook, I'm right here, and I welcome it. If you like my passing on links to depressing muppet performances, then I'll probably like the stuff you post.

Enough about me. As for Rufus on Fire, the entity, many of you may have already joined and Liked the Rufus on Fire page on Facebook, and I thank you for that. The main thing I hope for when pushing the Facebook page is that when you Like it, your friends who see that you've Liked it will have their curiosities piqued and check it out. I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: this site is as good as you make it, and I don't know how I got to be so lucky to facilitate conversation about something I care about so much with quality folks who also care a lot about it. And if you guys are so great, then you must know other quality people who can add to the conversation and camaraderie.

So, to sum up, beyond encouraging you to Like the RoF Facebook page and take to Twitter, what else can I do this season to make the whole thing better, especially when we're in the season and we're all hanging on every second of Bobcats basketball? Post your ideas in the comments for group discussion or, if you'd rather just send them only to me, email


Some ideas already bouncing around my head:

-- Ask for your pictures more often. I loved the photos you guys sent of the Magic series's Game 3 tip off. Maybe we can do more along those lines.

-- Design more t-shirts highlighting fan memes and fan knowledge. "Rufus on Fire" t-shirts don't mean much to other NBA fans, let alone random people in Charlotte (we didn't sell many shirts this past season, even though I still think these designs were very cool). But something having to do with Gerald Wallace's dangling mouthpiece would be a pretty insider-y thing that's both easily explained to those who don't get it and easily understood by other NBA fans.

-- Meetups. I'll probably make it to between five and ten games this year, and I'd love to hang out with a group of other fans before the game. Anyone else interested?