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List of the week: NBADL, Miami Heat, etymology, Bobcats uniforms, and Larry Brown says he wants to run more

The list of the week is a group of thoughts that don't necessarily have to do with the Bobcats. Topics may have come up in previous posts or will come up again in future posts.

1 -- Another NBA team is taking control of a D-League squad, this time the Nets picking up the Springfield franchise. I'm sure someone's done the math on this, but if running a D-League team costs in the neighborhood of $5 million per year (guessing out of thin air, though I suspect that's high), why wouldn't that be a no-brainer for teams?

   1a -- I understand there's hesitation to, say, have a single-affiliation team in Greensboro, but the Bobcats are in a position where it makes all kinds of sense because of the type of team they're building. I happen to believe in doing everything it takes to get a superstar, even if that badly compromises depth, but the Cats' strategy seems to be to spread the talent throughout the roster. If that's true, then it behooves them to have a more efficient way to fill out the eight-through-twelve spots on the active roster, and what better way is there than an ongoing open tryout consisting of performance in practices and games at both the NBA level and D-League level?

2 -- Prediction: Whether or not the Miami Heat win a championship, they'll suss out the trade market for Chris Bosh after this season. Just like everyone else who's followed the NBA for more than a year or two, I noticed that they'd have trouble defending bigs -- not just the better bigs, but any bigs, given Bosh's known defensive limitations, Zydrunas Ilgauskas's sudden decline last season, and Udonis Haslem's lack of size. If Joel Anthony is the answer, then the question sucks.

   2a -- They'd be better off with an all-defense, minimal-offense, big man who gets out of the way when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade drive to the hoop, and cleans up on the boards. That is to say: anyone who is basically Haslem with enough size to play real defense on Dwight Howard.

   2b -- Incomplete list of guys who aren't as good as Bosh in a vacuum, but would be more effective than Bosh on the Heat, and their teams would probably part with them if Bosh was offered as part of a trade package right now: Emeka Okafor, Anderson Varejao, Marcus Camby, Greg Oden, Chris Andersen, Hasheem Thabeet (yes, I went there), Ben Wallace, Nick Collison (when healthy), Brendan Haywood, and Samuel Dalembert.

   2c -- They could also just sign Kendrick Perkins for the full Mid-Level Exception.

3 -- After that bit of rosterbation, we need something for the etymology nerds. You might be interested in seeing the earliest use of the word "rosterbation" I could find, in the comment section of this USS Mariner thread from 2006.

4 -- I really wish the Bobcats hadn't changed to their current pinstriped uniforms.

   4a -- The current set looks like an expansion team's idea of "edgy take on classic themes"... which looks like an expansion team uniform.

   4b -- They should have kept an orange alternate.

   4c -- The solution is to redesign and go with an actual classic, timeless, design. Using orange, white, and dark blue as primary colors, with some black as trim, is cool because few teams use orange as a primary color and that alone signals "Bobcats", but the weird font has always screamed "comic book cover" to me -- and not in the good way.

   4d -- The best NBA uniform designs are almost all very direct and simple; the Cats' current uniforms have way too many elements competing with each other, rather than flowing together in harmony.

5 -- Larry Brown claims he wants the Bobcats to run as often as possible and that the "public perception" of him as a walk-it-up coach is wrong. I'm sorry, but does LB think we're all stupid? Any coach who wants his guys to run will -- I think -- coach his guys to run more, and wouldn't allow the team to finish bottom four in pace two years in a row.

   5a -- They were 14th in pace under Sam Vincent because Vincent cut them loose during the second half of the season, after it became clear they weren't going anywhere doing things Vincent's way, running the offense through Okafor on the elbow.