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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Utah Jazz preview -- Game 10

The Big Picture: Holy crap, the Utah Jazz are on a roll. They squeaked out a come from behind double overtime win against the Clippers at home a week ago. Then, they came from behind to beat the Heat and Magic on back to back nights. And then they came from behind to beat the Hawks, in Atlanta, last night.

At three of the five starting positions, the Jazz are clearly superior to the Bobcats, and at the other two spots, on the wings, Utah rolls out a defensive specialist capable of frustrating Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace into poor offensive games. There's no question they're a better team than the Cats, well-coached and with more talent.

That said, the Cats can beat anyone in the league when they're clicking, and they could be catching the Jazz at just the right time, the end of a southeastern road swing.

Musical Interlude: Reel Big Fish -- "Sell Out"

Key to Victory: I suspect D.J. Augustin will be guarding Deron Williams, but the Cats should strongly consider switching him over to Raja Bell and letting Jax take his chances with Williams. As we well know, Bell is extremely limited on offense and probably wants to stay outside the three point line for most of the game. I'd rather have D.J. guarding someone with that M.O. than Williams, who will abuse him in the paint, if given the chance.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: I'll be making my first appearance at The Cable Box this season.