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Bobcats beat T-Wolves -- Gerald Wallace shoots 17-19 from the line


Note: This was the first comment of the thread, posted almost an hour before the game started.

southtunnel -- Maybe it's best to just tune in to the last 5 minutes, because regardless of how well or badly we play, or how much of a lead or how much we trail by… it will be neck and neck late in the 4th.


-- Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace both cracked 40 minutes. Assume Gerald Henderson really is hurt and it's good policy to keep him inactive... what happened to Derrick Brown? Dude played well in his measly 9 minutes, shooting 3-5 from the field. Brown doesn't rebound or defend well enough to justify more than a bench role, but why can't Jackson and Wallace play 36 minutes instead of 40, opening up 8 more minutes for Brown? And why are some of Brown's minutes going to Sherron Collins? That is to say, why couldn't Shaun Livingston play exclusively at point guard, and Brown get the minutes that went to Livingston when he was playing wing alongside Collins?


-- Gerald had a monster game, shooting only 4-10 from the field, but more than making up for that by drawing fouls and shooting 17-19(!) from the stripe. He only had 4 rebounds, but he did get 5 assists and played solid defense on Michael Beasley, helping keep him to a reasonable 28 points on 25 attempts from the field.

-- Tyrus had a tremendous game, scoring 20 points on 8-11 shooting, grabbing 10 rebounds, forcing 2 steals, and blocking 4 shots, all in 31 minutes. He did turn it over 7 times, but I'll live with that if he gives me those offensive numbers.

-- Jackson's clutchness was in full effect. Beyond his final-minute three-pointer and steals, he scored 26 points on 9-16 shooting and -- this is not a typo, folks -- he had 0 turnovers.

-- I might have to dispense with the Damon Stoudamire comparison for D.J. Augustin. Improbable as it was at the start of the season, it seems Augustin is becoming more of a Steve Blake type than a shoot-first guard. If he has Blake's career, that's an unqualified success. What do I mean by all of that? D.J. scored 9 points on 9 attempts, but more encouraging, he dished 11 assists and turned it over only once.