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Heat escape with win over Bobcats, 95-87

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The Charlotte Bobcats were down by 19 points to the Miami Heat on the road. They then clawed back in the second half to take the lead. However, the Bobcats couldn't muster quite enough offense in crunch time, and fell, 95-87. The Heat nearly came undone in the second half when they settled for jumper after jumper, and the Bobcats were sparked by inspired play from Derrick Brown, who subbed for a struggling Gerald Wallace to play energetic offense and tenacious defense on LeBron James, allowing Stephen Jackson to remain guarding Dwyane Wade.

Despite the big L in the box score, this was an encouraging game for the Cats, who seem to be playing up or down to their opponent's level this season. While they barely squeaked by the Timberwolves, a lottery-bound, incoherent mess of a team, the last two games, they've competed with the Jazz and the Heat -- both teams with Finals aspirations -- to the final seconds of regulation. The trick is playing like that against everyone, which the Cats have not yet proven they can do. Optimistically, they have proven, yet again, that they are capable of playing at a ridiculously high level.

Game thread comment, lowlights, and highlights coming shortly.