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Highlights and lowlights from Bobcats-Heat

Though it was a frustrating loss for the Bobcats, losing to the Heat in the fashion they did is nothing to be ashamed of. Playing a title contender that close bodes well for their future, though, again, it would have been nice to get a win against a team supposedly a full notch ahead of them.


andrewlail76 -- I asked if Nelly could make a Bobcats version of Here Comes the Boom for our entrance music since he’s part owner


-- Gerald Wallace had a nightmare game on offense, shooting only 2-9 from the field, and only attempting 2 free throws, for 6 points. He couldn't do much to stop LeBron James, and then he fouled out with about three minutes to go, jawed with the refs and ended up with a second technical, to boot. Wallace did lead the team with 9 rebounds.

-- The Cats shot 4-17 from three, all of those makes by Stephen Jackson. I'm guessing that's just the low end of what one might reasonably expect from Charlotte if they shoot that many threes. However, to beat a team as talented as the Heat, they've got to shoot better from distance, the most valuable shots to make.


-- Derrick Brown's box score line doesn't look particularly impressive at first, but think about it: in 21 minutes, he shot 2-2 from the field, 3-3 from the stripe, all for 7 points, pulled down 3 rebounds, yoinked 2 steals, and didn't turn the ball over. I'll have more on this tomorrow, but Brown is showing this year that last season's impressive flashes probably weren't a fluke.

-- Stephen Jackson was fired up for this game; his finest accomplishment was holding Dwyane Wade to 11 points on 4-13 shooting. He also shot 12-24, himself, including 4-9 from three, for 30 points.

-- D.J. Augustin shot 1-4 from the field, and he only had 5 assists. However, he only had 1 turnover, too. As previously noted, it seems like we no longer have to worry about him becoming an adequate playmaking point guard, but perhaps now we do have to think about whether or not he's lost his scoring swagger.