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Bobcats fall to Knicks; highlights and lowlights

It's particularly frustrating to see the Bobcats "waste" a solid game from D.J. Augustin on the road. While Stephen Jackson did what he does, Gerald Wallace did what he does, and Boris Diaw did what he does, Augustin went above and beyond, playing over his head, outplaying his predecessor head to head. If the Cats can't beat a borderline playoff team like the Knicks on a night like this one, what are we supposed to expect against clear playoff teams like the Hawks and Bucks?

Granted, it was on the road, and we'll have another look at the Knickerbockers tomorrow night, but the Cats have to find a way to limit New York's three point efficacy. There's a good argument to be made that the barrage of first-half threes (9-19, I believe) put Charlotte in too much of a hole to overcome.


Ourdaywillcome -- Steph: During the timeout LB kept things general at first but then got real specific about execution. Translation: Brown bitched everyone out and told them if they didn’t knock it off he was gonna start killing people.


-- Six different Knicks scored in double figures, and among them only Raymond Felton (5-13 for 14 points) shot anywhere near a poor percentage. New York's overall shooting percentage was brought down a little by Wilson Chandler's 2-8, but they still shot over 50% from the field as a team, 10-25 (40%) from three, and a remarkable 24-25 (96%) from the free throw line. While the Cats can't really do much about the free throws, there's got to be something they can do to lock down the Knicks' shooters. Perhaps they figured it out in the second half of tonight's game, but we'll have to wait and see if it carries over to the next game.

-- Did Tyrus Thomas get hurt? I didn't see any reason for him to get only 12 minutes. I mean, 1-4 from the field isn't all that great, but he did get to the line for 4 free throws, too. Stephen Jackson, for all his chest-thumping, scored 18 points on 21 attempts, yet he played his full complement of minutes.

-- Dominic McGuire: still a bad idea.

-- Nazr Mohammed's box score line is kind of epic. Dude played 4:27, scored 0 points, grabbed 0 rebounds, committed 2 fouls, and had 2 shots blocked.


-- D.J. Augustin's 24 points on 18 attempts was a continuation of his excellent play to start the season. I'm not sure this performance level is permanent, but each game he plays this well, it's more and more likely it is a permanent improvement.

-- Shaun Livingston rocked off the bench, shooting 5-7 for 11 points, and grabbing 5 rebounds, in only 24 minutes.

-- Derrick Brown also played only 24 minutes, but his 6-8 shooting, for 12 points, plus his hustle defense, helped make up for the baffling decision to bench Tyrus.

-- Gerald Wallace did his thing, with 20 points on 15 attempts, and pulling down 8 rebounds. We're spoiled to have a star of Gerald's caliber. Even with 4 turnovers, this was a perfectly good game that he affected deeply for stretches.