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NBA players and the movies they're most like

The Bobcats are off again, today, so before we rev up for tomorrow's game against the New Orleans Hornets, I've got a game to play. Pair up NBA players with a movie that best matches him. Take into account cultural impact, relative greatness, and any other quirks and similarities you can find.

For example, I'd say Shaquille O`Neal is Citizen Kane: unquestionably great and revolutionary when it hit the scene; though slightly dated, it still stands up as a wonderful experience today. Also, for all his realized greatness, there's a nagging sense that Orson Welles could have done so much more with his talents if he hadn't let ego and appetites get in the way.

Gerald Wallace could be Wall-E. Everyone who's seen him says they at least like him, but there are a few cultish adherents who insist that film is the very best thing Pixar has ever made, and among the very best movies made in the past twenty years. I'm not with them on that, but I do love that the first 45 minutes of the movie is wordless, emphasizing less obvious, visual, expression, similar to the way that Gerald's greatness comes primarily from defense, basketball's more difficult-to-express set of skills.

At the other end of the spectrum, Nikoloz Tskitishvili is very obviously From Justin to Kelly. It was a bad idea from the start, and never should have made it to theaters. (Look up Tskita's stat line from his rookie season. With that combination of suckitude and playing time, I'm convinced no one has ever contributed that much negative value to an NBA team.)