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Bobcats lose to Pistons 97-90

Stephen Jackson took it upon himself to carry the Bobcats back from a 22-point deficit against the Detroit Pistons However, 28 points wasn't enough, and the Cats lost 97-90.

Charlotte was done in, primarily, by 23 turnovers, and secondarily by the free throw discrepancy. Detroit's porous defense allowed the Cats to shoot 55% from the field (37-67) and 45% from three (9-20), but when a team gives up that many possessions, it's a tremendously tall task to pull out the win.

The hell of it is that everyone pretty much played within themselves and didn't try to do anything outlandish. In fact, if you ignore the turnovers, everyone who stepped on the floor had an adequate to excellent game: Gerald Wallace probably has the most disappointing box score line, but it's still perfectly fine, and we know he's suffering from a sore ankle. D.J. Augustin scored 12 points, and it was on 4-6 shooting; he also got 8 assists. Even Boris Diaw's 3-11 shooting was mitigated by 7 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 blocks. Again, everyone did fine.

Game thread comments, lowlights, and highlights after the jump.


T-TIME, I MEAN DUNK TIME -- How intimidating will we be? Heat fan: "Well, we got LeBron, Bosh, and Wade." Bobcats fan: "Well, we got Kwame Brown." Pause. Awkward silence.

Ft.Mill Bobcat -- JAX & Boris. Do they ever have a big game on the same night?


-- First, the turnovers. Jax turned it over 6 times. Augustin turned it over 3 times. Diaw, 3 times. Wallace, 3 times. It all adds up for free chances for the Pistons.

-- It was partly a function of the possession difference, but the Pistons got to the line way more than the Bobcats did. The Cats shot 7-11 from the line while the Pistons shot 26-27.


-- Stephen Jackson had a Stephen Jackson game: 28 points on 12-19 shooting, including 4-8 from three. He was the worst turnover offender, but mostly because he had the ball in his hands as much as anyone else. In addition to the points, Jackson grabbed 5 boards and gave out 3 assists.

-- Derrick Brown has done everything possible to show that he deserves regular minutes. Tonight, he was 3-8 from the field for 9 points, but just as important, he got 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 blocks. It was telling that Larry Brown left UPS in the game during crunch time instead of the trigger-happy Tyrus Thomas, and he rewarded LB with two clutch threes and timely rebounding.

-- It's not that Thomas had a bad game (again, aside from turnovers, no one stank). He ended up 4-6 from the field for 10 points, and pulled down 5 rebounds, in 22 minutes.

-- Shaun Livingston: 2-2 from the field, including this dunk. Nice to see some bounce in those legs.