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Bobcats lose again -- Tyrus Thomas vs. Dominic McGuire

The New Orleans Hornets topped the Bobcats, 89-73, in another frustrating loss for a team that probably feels like it's better than its record. Up until the final minutes of the fourth quarter, the Cats kept it close, but couldn't pull ahead, let alone gain any significant separation from their opponents.

Game thread comment, lowlights, and highlights after the jump.


Newsinz -- (Regarding McGuire...) You’d never see Rodman taking mid range jumps. Or any jumpers at all, for that matter.


-- I hope someone -- within or without the organization -- asks Larry Brown the embarrassing question: What the hell is he thinking giving Dominic McGuire 24 minutes, while Tyrus Thomas gets 22 and Derrick Brown gets 11? McGuire didn't have an outright awful game, but 8 rebounds does little to make up for 1-8 shooting. And that one make was a putback tip-in. There's a place for McGuire in the NBA, and, at best, it's as a situational defender who gets pulled the instant his team needs to play offense. Given what we know about his abilities from his several years in the league, it shouldn't be an argument that allotting him 24 minutes in any but the most extreme situations is unjustifiable.

-- Matt Carroll shot 0-3 in 9 minutes. But he didn't accidentally amputate anyone's limbs, so he's got that going for him.

-- It's hard to watch Boris Diaw on nights when he's off rhythm. Though, again, he wasn't exactly terrible, scoring 13 points on 11 attempts, it's cromulently uninspiring to see him play 39 minutes, only got 3 rebounds, and turn it over a team-leading 5 times.


-- Thomas made full use of his 22 minutes, finishing with 9 points, 10 rebounds, a block, and a steal. If only he'd reduce the number of shots he takes, focusing on quality shots rather than pouncing on every shooting opportunity, he'd be even more valuable. Just as McGuire would enhance his value by taking only enough shots to show the other team that he might actually shoot, Thomas, too, would gain in value by reducing his sheer offensive output. Have him study tapes of Dennis Rodman doing everything to help his team win, including taking almost no shots.

-- Gerald Wallace shot 6-13 for 18 points, but his greater accomplishment was helping hold Trevor Ariza to 4-15 shooting for only 10 points, although that could have been as much a function of Ariza being an unrepentant gunner.

-- In only 15 minutes of play, Nazr Mohammed shot 4-6 for 8 points, and had 5 rebounds.