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Bobcats rolled by Grizzlies, 113-80; Gay and Mayo light up the scoreboard

Things started badly for the Bobcats when Gerald Wallace was scratched and deactivated with a sprained ankle, and then things went to hell from there. The Memphis Grizzlies took it to the Cats, 113-80, led by Rudy Gay's 23 points on 8-15 shooting. For good measure, O.J. Mayo came off the bench to score 24 points on 10-15 shooting.

Game thread comment, lowlights, and the not-so-lowlights after the jump.


Newsinz -- "Tomorrow’s" an off day?! What in the bloody hell do you call tonight?


-- Just about everything. It was an embarrassment all the way around. They turned it over 22 times. Larry Brown purposely called timeouts after the game was out of hand in order to yell at his reserves about playing harder, even though, you know, it was garbage time, and he's never given indication that tangible talent and hard work will be rewarded.

-- Matt Carroll is a useful end-of-the-bench NBA player. Need a shooter for a specific situation? Matt's your guy. And he won't kill you if he has to play for five or six minutes. However, he has nothing left to prove. He had his chance. Why he got 12:30 of playing time (in which he put up a game-worst -24 +/- -21 +/- [Huh. Stats corrections.]) is beyond me, especially considering the guys on the roster who do have lots left to prove. The same principle applies to McGuire and, to a lesser extent, Kwame Brown and Boris Diaw, who block Tyrus Thomas.


-- Quietly, D.J. Augustin shot 3-8 for 10 points, dished 7 assists, pulled down 5 boards, grabbed 3 steals, and turned it over only 2 times in his 35 minutes.

-- I get that Thomas is hurting, and that it's ultimately the coach's responsibility to protect him, but Larry Brown didn't protect Wallace from himself last night, and then proceeded to play TT fewer than 20 minutes tonight. In his limited minutes (only 2 and change in the first half), Thomas shot 4-6 for 12 points. There simply isn't anything else he can do to earn more playing time, other than make Diaw disappear.

-- Derrick Brown, in garbage time: 3-5 from the field in 15 minutes.