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Charlotte Bobcats at Atlanta Hawks preview -- Game 26; with bonus trade speculation section

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The Big Picture: Let's say the Bobcats do decide that they're done for this year, that it's in the franchise's best interests to trade present-day talent for potential future talent. Here's what we can probably expect in return for our various parts, with an equivalent player listed. (Not that this is the player we'd get, but the level of player we should expect. Also note that I'm not fully rosterbating through trade scenarios, so salaries don't match.)

Gerald Wallace -- B prospect, Paul George. Basically, someone who's either solid already, but nobody expects to have a high ceiling, or who's done nothing, but lots of people think just needs time to develop into something special. The problem is that even though I (we?) think Gerald is awesome and paid appropriately for what he produces, it's not a given that our management and other NBA GMs think the same way.

Stephen Jackson -- C prospect, Quincy Pondexter. I think more teams will see Jax as improving their team than will see Crash that way, because Jax does legitimately do more on the floor; he has a much more diverse game, even if I happen to think the sum total of his work isn't as productive as Gerald has been. However, his personality takes him down a notch. If he were an expiring player, I'd think we could get more for him than we could for Gerald, but other teams will demand a discount if they're going to take on the "risk" of acquiring his contract for multiple years.

Boris Diaw -- D+ prospect, Lance Stephenson. At most, a contender might send a project our way.

Nazr Mohammed -- We're not looking for a prospect out of Mohammed, since he wouldn't be much help to most contenders, as much as we're looking to take on a friendly-yet-unwanted contract attached to a player who would be a nice piece over the next few years. Think of those guys who signed MLEs the past few years, but are having trouble coming off the bench on their current teams. Anderson Varejao is the obvious candidate (if on the highly-paid side), but I'd also love to target cheaper options like Chris Andersen or (*drool*) Marcin Gortat.

Musical Interlude: Jack Johnson -- "Upside Down"

Key to Victory: That's right, the Cats are facing the Atlanta Hawks tonight. Jamal Crawford is probably out, and Joe Johnson is out. Interestingly, they've been playing Jason Collins (!) comparable minutes to Zaza Pachulia, which, if that's a criticism I have to make, is a sad state of affairs*.

*Al Horford shakes his head. Why won't Larry Drew use a starting lineup of Mike Bibby, Damien Wilkins, Marvin Williams, Josh Smith, and Horford? Bah.

But that's good for us that the Hawks won't play their best lineup against ours. It means that it won't be so bad when Larry Brown insists on rolling with Kwame Brown for extended minutes instead of defaulting to Diaw/Tyrus Thomas and changing it up with Mohammed.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Larry Drew actually averaged 20 points and 8 assists per game at age 24 for the 1982-83 Kansas City Kings. Then, he went on a brutal decline until he was out of the league for his age 30 season, before returning for two mostly ineffective seasons as a backup at the tail end of the Showtime Lakers.