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Tyson Chandler: WTHF?

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I don't have too much to say today, but I do want to know what happened to Tyson Chandler?  Tyson, I know that you're healthy now, but you were supposed to be healthy last season as well.  I'm sure that Jason Kidd is a far better passer than any player that's ever played in Charlotte, but that's only netting you 2 more points per 36 minutes (those extra points largely coming from improved foul shooting).   How about the rebounding?  You've grabbed 17 or more rebounds in 3 of your last 5 games. 

The simple stats don't even tell the whole story.  Last season's adjusted PER (12.92) doesn't come close to what you're producing this season (18.84).  Are you that dependant on having great players around you to make you useful, or did Larry Brown just rub you the wrong way?  Maybe you are far healthier now than you ever were as a Bobcat, but you'll forgive me if I'm a little miffed.  Seriously, not cool bro.