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Larry Brown fired -- reactions from around the web

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Larry Brown and the Charlotte Bobcats parted ways yesterday. While it had become pretty clear that keeping Brown much longer was unviable, that it's actually happened still hasn't fully registered, given how much control over the team the coach had.

Different takes are pouring in from around the web. Kelly Dwyer pities Bobcats fans. Rick Bonnell can't hide his disappointment that such a wonderful coach was canned. Adrian Wojnarowski speculates Baron Davis is on the way back to Charlotte. TeeJ on Bobcats Planet is optimistic. And the fine folks at SI are in a humorous mood.

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Larry Brown is out as Charlotte Bobcats coach - Ball Don't Lie - NBA  - Yahoo! Sports
And Larry, though he did nothing but give the impression that he wasn't long for the Bobcats since the moment he took the gig back in 2008, somehow comes out of this looking like a coaching martyr, again. Because the team Jordan put together for him was just awful in nearly every respect.

Paul Silas gets to take Charlotte's terrible coaching job - Ball Don't Lie - NBA  - Yahoo! Sports
Apologies for what may smack of ageism, but while age isn't a legitimate concern with Silas, his role in the modern game is. I would have no issue with the hiring of Silas on an interim basis (on the contrary, I might argue on his behalf for the full-time gig) if he was still involved with the league as a broadcaster, executive or assistant coach. But he's been out of the game for five years, and unless this guy is some voracious League Pass and/or Synergy Sports watcher, I am unaware.

Jordan gets last word; Brown ousted -
The beginning of the end for Larry Brown as Charlotte Bobcats coach might have been an interview he gave on the eve of training camp. Even by Brown standards, this was remarkable bluntness. He said then that he "died'' the day the team chose not to re-sign point guard Raymond Felton.

Inside the NBA: Brown was fired, no maybe about it
Brown was fired as Charlotte Bobcats coach Wednesday, plain and simple. The team did him a disservice by characterizing it any other way.

Did Stephen Jackson's Quote End Larry Brown's Run With The Bobcats? - From Our Editors -
Getting blown out by the Wizards pretty much speaks for itself. I'm a Wizards fan, so you can just take my word for it: That team shouldn't beat anybody by 30. But as loud as that loss echoed in NBA circles, Stephen Jackson's post-game assessment hit even harder:

Thanks Larry, but Paul’s the right man for the JOB. | Bobcats Planet
Coach Silas is well-known as a players coach and a bigman coach. That takes out the two biggest needs on this team. Tyrus Thomas, a 6'10 Power Forward, is the biggest load of potential on the roster. He's also a headcase. That makes Silas the best man to develop the young big, as he can relate to Tyrus on both a personal and professional level.

Bobcats show mark of Jordan - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
For all of Michael Jordan’s draft failures as an NBA executive, the Charlotte Bobcats owner had the right idea on that June night in 2008. Stanford’s Brook Lopez(notes) had slipped to ninth, and Jordan and his top basketball executives prepared to select him. So sure of the choice, one team official called Lopez’s agents and told them to prepare the 7-footer for the walk to the podium. Michael Jordan had his man. Only, Larry Brown wouldn’t stop his protesting in the draft room.

Larry Brown - 1975 - Style Watch: Coaching in the Disco Era - Photos - - StumbleUpon
Larry Brown's famous overalls.