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Bobcats defeat Pistons in Paul Silas's debut, 105-100

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Tonight was just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, up by 16 at the half, then hold your breath at the end... Bobcats victory. They defeated the Detroit Pistons, 105-100, in Paul Silas's first game as head coach.

While they couldn't do anything to stop Charlie Villanueva from making shots, D.J. Augustin was just as huge for Charlotte, hitting 10-15 shots from the field, scoring 27 points.

Turnovers might have been the Cats' biggest problem before the coaching change, and through one game, it's still a major problem, as they gave the ball up 24 times and forced only 14 turnovers.

Here's celebrating the next step forward for the Charlotte Bobcats. Sound off with your observations below.