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76ers maul Bobcats 109-91; Meeks hits 6 threes in first quarter

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Jodie Meeks made 6 three-pointers and scored 20 points in the first quarter, and the Philadelphia 76ers never looked back in beating the Bobcats 109-91. It was a demoralizing loss for the Cats, who probably went into the game believing they were a clearly superior team, but found themselves in a huge hole through the first 12 minutes, and then unable get any closer than 7 points the rest of the way.

Game thread comment, lowlights, and highlights after the jump.


WhatAboutBob_cats -- I can't wait to read LB's apology letter.


-- The first quarter was an utter disaster, and the rest of the game merely an extended disappointment. To pick a single stat that encompasses the crappiness, Boris Diaw, Kwame Brown, and Derrick Brown were the only Bobcats to shoot better than 50% from the field. Yeah, that'll work.

-- Brown came in the game for the first time during garbage time, and ended with only 6 minutes. Dominic McGuire didn't embarrass himself tonight, but it's infuriating that he gets minutes at Brown's and Tyrus Thomas's expense when there are no apparent, concrete, justifications for why he deserves those minutes over those other guys. Many of us have had the experience at work of seeing someone else get promoted or given special opportunities even though, from our perspective, he or she clearly doesn't deserve that treatment. I guess I understand that Larry Brown might be prejudiced against a second-year player like Derrick Brown simply because he's a second-year player, but when a fifth-year guy like Thomas plays only 17 minutes, McGuire's 13 minutes look even more mysterious. It's as if LB just wants to piss me off by playing proven mediocrities like Stephen Graham and McGuire, and thumbs his nose at rational thought.

-- I just want Larry Brown to give his damn reasons for giving minutes to McGuire instead of the several better players on the roster. It kills me that I can't ask him and, apparently, it's not a good idea for the people at these postgame press conferences to ask him directly and then call him on whatever BS he spits out.


-- Diaw scored 19 points on 12 shots and had 6 assists. Of course, he finished with 3 rebounds (#bitterness).

-- Kwame Brown had his best game in a long time, shooting 4-6 from the field (including a final putback at the buzzer), finishing with 12 points and 7 rebounds in 21 minutes.