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Does reason rule the day for Larry Brown and the Bobcats?

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I'm scared the Bobcats are headed down the Kansas City Royals path. What do I mean by that? Joe Posnanski just posted a piece about the Royals signing Jeff Francoeur. If you know anything about baseball, you know that Frenchy is a near-replacement-level baseball player who probably deserves to occupy a bench spot on some MLB team, since he's not embarrassing in the outfield and can hit lefties better than plenty of lefty corner outfielders do. The thing is, though he may be a fine stopgap for the Royals now, he's getting paid more than he should and, worse, he's emblematic of a major problem they've had over the past few years: valuing demonstrably useless or near-useless attributes in players.

When Larry Brown talks about Dominic McGuire's positive attributes, I understand the English words, grammar, syntax, et cetera, but the content of his answer is foreign.

I'm pretty far along the stats uber alles spectrum, but to the point that justified data is what matters. What we see with our eyes matters! What subject matter experts feel in their guts matters! However, we've got to have that in fact form in order to be useful.

If Larry Brown honestly believes what he said on camera about McGuire and Derrick Brown, and by extension Tyrus Thomas, then Brown has proven himself an inadequate talent evaluator, because none of those assertions are an argument to play McGuire more than Brown or Thomas. Using Rick Bonnell's transcript:

(McGuire) is more of a (shooting guard/small forward) and Derrick is more of a (small forward/power forward). We’ve got Boris (Diaw), we’ve got Tyrus (Thomas) and we play Gerald (Wallace) there' (at power forward).

News flash to LB: "small forward" and "shooting guard" are mostly meaningless labels these days. They're just "wings". Stephen Jackson would be a "small forward" on most teams, and a "wing" on all teams. Also, you never play Gerald Wallace at "power forward" anymore, remember? Concussions?

Dominic is a much better defender.

I'll grant you this. Although it's probably overstated.

He’s a much better rebounder.

Again, I'll grant you this, but the difference probably isn't as much as LB thinks it is. McGuire, playing mostly front court in his career, usually settles in around 12% of total rebounds, whereas Brown, splitting time between front court and "wing" is at 10% of total rebounds this year. And maybe Brown would be better if he wasn't playing alongside Wallace and Thomas his entire career.

And then LB talked about the Milwaukee game, a legitimately great one for McGuire, and the only one in which he's done anything positive. I just want reason to rule the day, but Larry Brown sees things differently, I guess.