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Gameday Preview Charlotte Bobcats at Minnesota Timberwolves

Pump Up Music: The White Stripes -- "My Doorbell"

The Big Picture: The Timberwolves are pretty terrible, even though they've got a couple big men most other teams in the league would kill for in Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. They also have seven footer Oleksiy Pecherov getting spare minutes with the NBA club, and when he has played, there's enough offensive production there to possibly justify more minutes. And all that's before noting Jonny Flynn's quietly excellent season and Corey Brewer's emergence as a worthwhile starter.

What we have in Minnesota is roughly what the Bobcats had a couple years ago: two guys who could start for most other clubs in the league, and a bunch of other ingredients that, individually, show promise, but simply don't fit the formula.

Key to Victory: This game could hinge on the power forward battle. I'm pretty certain Love will get the better of Boris Diaw on the boards, and the Cats will have to make that up elsewhere. But in most other facets of the game, Boris can go toe to toe with the young fella. If he can minimize the Wolves' one main matchup advantage, it'll go a long way to winning.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Wolves coach Kurt Rambis was traded by the Hornets in December 1989 in the deal that brought Armen Gilliam to Charlotte. The next year, Gilliam was traded for Mike Gminski. Several years later, Gminski was traded for the immortal Frank Brickowski. The Hornets simply let his contract expire after 28 games.