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Open Rosterbation Thread - Trade Proposals!

There are several Bobcats trades rumored to be in the works, and none of them excite me much*. The prospect of trading D.J. Augustin for a Large Infant power forward on an MLE-type contract saddens me, because it means we're not being cost-effective with our roster moves, but at the same time it intrigues me because if this team is going to contend -- not just go Somewhere, but truly contend for a championship -- we have to take chances on guys panning out into something more than they've shown thus far.

(*Isn't that the hallmark of a fair trade, though? When no party is truly excited and believes they've suckered the other guy?)

So, what would make me excited?

Here's an example of a league-altering trade that would catapult the Bobcats to "Dangerous" status and turn the league on its head.

76ers Get

Tyson Chandler, Boris Diaw, Acie Law, Gerald Henderson, and Stephen Graham

Bobcats Get

Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand

There's no way this will happen. We could even throw in Flip and it wouldn't happen, because the fans in Philly would riot. But think about it: Philly could then flip Tyson or Samuel Dalembert (more likely Dalembert) for other assets, or simply sit through those two contracts, instead of sitting through Brand's. Iguodala is tough to give up, but once they decided they could give him up, they're too far out of their minds to make much sense.

The Cats could throw out a starting lineup of Felton, Iguodala, Jackson, Wallace, and Mohammed, bringing Brand off the bench for size, Flip, Augustin, and Brown, completely marginalizing Diop and the other chaff. That lineup would be borderline unguardable. But again, no one's going to convince Philly it's worth their while to dump those contracts for expirings and Gerald Henderson's potential.

What've you got? I'm seeing lots of FanPosts. Bring your proposals here.