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Facebook Comes to Rufus on Fire

Hoo boy, are you guys in for a treat. Starting this morning, SB Nation is rolling out Facebook Connect on the network's sites. What does that mean for you?

1 -- It's an entirely optional feature. Don't have Facebook? No problem. Just don't want to do it? No problem. But if you're like me and make a habit of checking Facebook at least once a day, this makes it a LOT easier to read and share stuff here on Rufus, over on Cat Scratch Reader, Canes Country, or any of the other SB Nation sites. Your identity won't be revealed to the SB Nation public, but now that you know I'm on Facebook, you may commence stalking me there.

2 -- Sharing the conversation brings more people into it. More people in the conversation means a more vibrant marketplace of ideas. A more vibrant marketplace of ideas means someone in our midst might produce a startling statistical analysis of Stephen Jackson's total contribution versus Stephen Graham's, showing that Graham is the missing link we've been searching for all along and just needs more playing time. Better yet, more people is more opportunity for "nonchalant" jokes. In any event, we all win.

3 -- My mission statement for Rufus has always been to harbor intelligent discussion about the Bobcats and basketball in general, with a heaping helping of fun, and I've made no secret about wanting to grow the site and honor reader contributions. This is a step forward that will help achieve those goals.