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Design a Dunk for Gerald, Win Prize

13 February 2010

Undisclosed Location, Dallas, TX

Gerald Wallace: Thanks for taking the time to help me out with the dunk contest.

Ronald Murray: No problem. Anything for my boy. So, what are you planning?

Crash: Well, see, uh, that's why I asked you to come here.

Flip: You don't have any ideas, do you?

Crash: Absolutely stumped. It's not like I can ask Oden to try to block my shot while I do a one-handed alley-oop.

Flip: You can't?

Crash: No. I can't.

Flip: If only there was a group of passionate Bobcats fans who would be more than willing to come up with ideas to help you win the dunk contest. You think there's one out there? Maybe on the internet?


Help Gerald win the dunk contest by designing your own dunk for him and posting it in the comments. The best dunk, in my sole opinion, will win a prize: a Raymond Felton t-shirt jersey. (Size XL, orange, lightly worn. Received from a friend who lost a bunch of weight and it's too big on him now. Believe me, it's a sweet shirt, and I was tempted to keep it for myself.)

Here are your guidelines:

1 -- Videos and graphics are best, though not mandatory. Shoot a video of yourself performing the dunk in your living room, upload to YouTube, and post the link. Draw step by step instructions with stick figures, host it on Flickr, and post the image.

2 -- Regardless of how you show the dunk, give it a name, and provide at least a sentence or two describing it. It can be Gerald by himself, with Flip's assistance, and with props, but it must be at least faintly realistic. Here's your limit: Gerald will not be doing a front-flip dunk. He just won't. Suggesting that won't win the contest.

3 -- You have until 6pm tomorrow, February 13, to post your dunk.

4 -- This contest is in no way sponsored by Gerald Wallace, Raymond Felton, or the Bobcats. I'm just doing it to see what kind of creativity RoF readers can unleash on us.

(UPDATE: I missed it until now, but Bobcats Baseline has some ideas for Gerald's dunks, too.)