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Who Will Win the Dunk Contest?

Apparently, Shannon Brown is the favorite to win tonight's Slam Dunk Contest in Dallas. In some circles, that might seem ludicrous, especially given DeMar DeRozan's and Gerald Wallace's highlight reel athleticism and Brown's relative obscurity, but we've seen Brown up close and know he can sky. Nate Robinson is almost an afterthought, given his propensity to miss dunk after dunk, but if we're handicapping this thing, I don't understand why he's not the favorite for one reason: It's not about athleticism; it's about creativity, the spectacle of the thing.

Robinson is a proven entertainer, whereas Wallace, Brown, and DeRozan have yet to prove they can thrill the crowd and -- to gratuitously use a pro wrestling term -- get over.

All that said, Gerald's gonna win. He's got a sneaky sense of humor, and just because he's generally quiet and doesn't run his mouth doesn't mean he has no imagination or sense of theatre.


-- You can still submit dunks for Gerald Wallace.

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-- Maybe I should get in on this hot t-shirt action. What should be on it? Would any of you get one?

-- Some of you may remember I fancy myself an amateur musician (mainly just to impress the Official Girlfriend of Rufus on Fire and other ladies of the land). KMS Car Show Connection, a local motorsports and car appreciation show airing Thursday nights on WHKY (channel 18 on Time Warner, 14 on other cable networks), used some of my music on the 2/11 show. That episode isn't posted yet, but will be shortly, and you can see other episodes through that link.