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Bobcats Lose to Lowly Nets 103-94

Basketball is a two-sided game. You've gotta score, and you've gotta stop the other team from scoring. For most of this game, the Bobcats scored well enough, but they couldn't stop the Nets, and New Jersey came away with the win, 103-94. That pushes their record to 5-48, and the Cats drop to 26-26.

This doesn't scuttle anything. The Cats are the better team, but the Nets appear to match up with them just right. Unfortunately, they really needed this game because they're going out on another road trip soon, and if they maintain their road ways, things could get a bit ugly.

Courtney Lee did the most damage, scoring 21 points on 11 attempts, and playing his usual good defense. There was a reason the Nets demanded Lee in exchange for Vince Carter. Brook Lopez was plagued by foul trouble, but he and Kris Humphries(!) were both effective while in the game. They didn't really need any contribution from Yi Jianlian, which was good for them, because Yi was mostly a non-factor.

Game thread comments, highlights, and lowlights after the jump.



Ourdaywillcome: [Larry] Brown looks like he's about to blow chunks.


-- Stephen Jackson's shots just weren't falling. He went 7-20 from the field for only 15 points, including 0-6 from three, and with only 2 free throw attempts. Jax's greatest offensive advantage is that, by and large, he can back down opposing guards and abuse them with his back to the basket from the midrange in. He has to attempt threes in order to serve the team's wider goals, but he's got to make at least some of them.

-- The Nets outrebounded the Cats, 47-36. You might be able to boil down the loss to the rebounding disparity.


-- Gerald Wallace was pulled for much of the first half thanks to Larry Brown's inane aversion to letting a guy get his third foul in the first half, yet he still put up a double double, with 21 points and 10 rebounds.

-- Boris Diaw stepped up in a big way with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Too bad this performance was wasted in a game where the Cats couldn't play defense for three and a half quarters.

-- Raymond Felton did what he could, scoring 18 points on 9 attempts.