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Rambling the Day Before the NBA Trade Deadline

I paid my $1 to Bill Simmons, so we're going with a ramblings-style series of unattached thoughts.


A month ago, I wrote that I'd be content if the Bobcats went 7-10 from January 25 through March 3. Right now, approaching the back half of that run, they're 5-5. They can go 2-5 over the next seven and still be cool. You should be cool, too.

Nate Robinson goes to the Celtics. They're going to love Krypto-Nate in Boston. However, from a basketball perspective, I don't expect this move to do too much for them. They're really going to miss House's sharpshooting off the bench, and they're crazy if they think Rasheed Wallace is the answer to that issue.

Speaking of Rasheed, I've been one of his biggest fans since 2004, but he looks incredibly washed up. It's as if he decided that Kendrick Perkins can do all the dirty work, forgetting that what made him such a valuable contributor was his ability to do all that post work and occasionally stretch the D with a long range jumper.

The Cavaliers are going to regret trading for Antawn Jamison or Amare Stoudemire if they do. Now that Richard Jefferson is coming available, that might actually be the better solution. Politically, Jamison or Stoudemire is the correct thing to do, because pairing one of them with Shaquille O'Neal and using Anderson Varejao as the first sub for either is better than leaving things as is. However, even better would be trading Shaq for one of those guys, and even better than that would have been trading Shaq for Caron Butler, Stephen Jackson, or any of the other assorted 2/3 wings that were available. Why? That team is at least even, possibly better, with Zydrunas Ilgauskas out there instead of Shaq, and with Z on the floor, they could throw out a crunch time lineup of Mo, West, Butler, James, and Z, with zero free throw liabilities and zero defensive liabilities. It would have been too good. Instead, they're taking the chance that two out of three of Shaq (free throws), Amar'e (defense), and Jamison (defense) will be able to overcome a glaring crunch time weakness in the playoffs, or that they'll be able to hide said weakness. Good luck.

Saw the movie Valentine's Day with the Official Girlfriend of Rufus on Fire. Instant review: It's the cheap American knockoff version of Love Actually, which is superior in virtually every way. Also, did they even stop to think that maybe they should have released it a week or two ahead of Valentine's Day? Who's going to see that movie two weeks after?

Since I'm paying homage to Simmons with a rambling, I'll mention his Trade Value Column again. For the most part, my values on everyone matches up with his, but I strongly disagree on a couple guys. Stephen Curry is fantastically overrated. The guy is better than I thought he would be right away, but it's way too early to proclaim him better than Brandon Jennings, more valuable than David Lee (contract included), and Kevin Martin. I mean, his ceiling might be close to Kevin Martin's total production. Second, his worst contracts are riddled with guys who are more valuable than he gives them credit for probably because he's discounting defense. Emeka Okafor. Baron Davis. Kirk Hinrich. Those guys don't belong on the worst contracts list alongside the likes of Matt Carroll and DeSagana Diop.

Is anyone else vaguely intrigued by the notion of adding Udonis Haslem? I know he makes silly money ($14 mil next year), but he's the right kind of player the Cats could use. Everywhere I've looked, I don't see what we'd give up to get him. Tyson Chandler? Really?

I have a feeling the Cats will refrain from making a move before the deadline tomorrow. Nothing really makes sense, especially now that the Celtics have grabbed Robinson, taking the Big Baby proposal off the table.

He's been mentioned already, but how many teams are kicking themselves for not robbing the Warriors of Stephen Jackson? I'm guessing at least seven.