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Bobcats "closing in" on Tyrus Thomas (Update: deal is done)

Here we go: Ken Berger is reporting the Bobcats are "close to landing Tyrus Thomas" in exchange for expiring contracts. That probably means Ronald Murray and Acie Law.



And if they trade another draft pick... I mean, really?

UPDATE: Woj's Twitter says it's agreed in principle. Murray, Law, and a future 1st. Immediate thoughts, and more links, after the jump.

I love Tyrus Thomas. I realize he's gotten a rap as a bust, or someone who doesn't really care, but all wrapped up in that package is still a guy who blocks shots like mad and gets rebounds. Essentially, he scores as efficiently as Boris Diaw, with at least comparable defense and is worlds better rebounding. But we're not giving up Diaw. Incredibly, we have the opportunity to run out a stereotypically anti-Larry Brown team with length and leaping ability top to bottom, with Felton, Jax, Crash, Thomas, and Diaw. This will probably be our crunch time lineup, and we can say right now that the Cats will be better on defense in just about every way.

On offense, I'm not sure what this will do. Flip's minutes will have to go somewhere. Does this mean that Stephen Jackson will spend more time at the shooting guard then he already does? Will D.J. Augustin play more? Might (deep breath now) Gerald Henderson finally see the light of day? Either way, it probably won't be a drop off. In sum, we just got a lot better.

I'm not crazy about trading away another first round pick for a rental. I don't care that the team hasn't been particularly good at drafting in its history. We simply can't afford to keep giving away opportunities to grab young, cheap, talent. But in the short-to-medium term, it almost had to be done. This franchise has sold out everything to get to the playoffs this year or next. There's no use stopping now. So long, first round pick in 2013, or whenever it is. We hardly knew ye.


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