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Rumor: TJ Ford for Augustin (Update: crisis averted)

And Woj strikes again. The Tweet in full:

Charlotte and Indiana in serious talks on deal that would send T.J. Ford to Bobcats for package that includes D.J. Augustine, source says.

Holycrapholycrapholycrap... Ford makes $8.5 million, so that means someone else would have to be on the move, too. Could it possibly be Diop? Seems obvious in retrospect that a Larry Brown team would make sure to have a vet PG in place before trading their other PG.

UPDATE: Another tweet from Woj.

Indiana-Charlotte discussions broad, sources say: Talks included Ford and Rush for Augustine, Nazr and Gerald Henderson. Not yet imminent.

If Larry Brown goes through with this, it tells us he's gone after this year no matter what, because he will have traded away all the young talent on hand, save Derrick Brown. This second iteration of the trade would be awful for the Cats.

UPDATE: Commence "Tyler Hansbrough is the dealbreaker" jokes... ... ... now.

UPDATE: Woj's Twitter is playing out an incredible drama...

Charlotte has been insisting that they won't do a deal here, and time is running out. One final Larry Bird-Michael Jordan showdown?

Indiana players believe trade is near, telling friends even that deal's done. Front offices still talking. Charlotte may need convincing.

Charlotte and Indiana is close, but sources say not done. FIve players for now, including Ford and Rush for Augustine, Henderson and Nazr.

Sounds like there's some internal dissension in the Bobcats' camp.

UPDATE: All hail Woj for his yeoman's work. Deal is dead.