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Bobcats Fade Against Blazers, Lose 98-79

The Bobcats had no answer for LaMarcus Aldridge, and the Trail Blazers rode him to victory, 98-79. Aldridge finished with 17 points on 13 attempts, and it certainly felt like they should have fed him the ball more, because the Cats had no one who could effectively guard him. To be fair, there might only be a couple players in the world who can truly contest his fallaway jumper, but that doesn't change that he's too quick for Nazr Mohammed and too tall for Boris Diaw. Secondarily, Nicolas Batum had a solid game off the bench, scoring 15 points and getting 9 boards in only 25 minutes.

Game thread comments, highlights, and lowlights after the jump.


StudMuffin15 -- i wouldn't mind having the PA guy at games saying "boom-shaka-laka" after every GW dunk.

WhatAboutBob_cats -- i think it’s funny that before every game I think I don’t have a problem with the team we’re playing. Then in the 3rd and 4th quarter I’ve developed intense hatred of our opponents.

Misc -- French translations and Greg Oden


-- If your opponent shoots better than 50% from the field, you're likely going to lose. That'll be more likely to happen when Aldridge goes 8-13, Batum goes 7-10, and Jerryd Bayless goes 6-10.

-- 20 turnovers is a disappointing turn from a recent trend. Where the Cats were turning it over 10-12 times in recent games, those extra turnovers this time around helped put this game away before the Cats could think about beginning to mount a comeback.

-- Our point guards took it on the chin tonight. Felton shot 3-10, Augustin went 0-5, and they combined for 5 assists. Ouch.


-- Even in defeat, Gerald Wallace contributes. He scored 17 points on 10 attempts from the field and grabbed 10 rebounds.

-- The Bobcats got to the line again and again, and made their free throws. They finished the game 21-24 from the line.