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Gameday Preview Charlotte Bobcats at Los Angeles Clippers

Pump Up Music: Men and Whales -- "Long Story Short"

The Big Picture: So begins the second leg of the Bobcats' brutal stretch of road games, with a 10:30pm start time in Los Angeles against the Clippers. They'll work their way back east this week, with games against Utah on Wednesday and Memphis on Friday. While the Clips are probably the least of the teams they're going to face until they play the Warriors in a couple weeks, they certainly have talent and can't be overlooked.

First, Chris Kaman is the kind of guy who will give Nazr Mohammed a lot of trouble. We'll see plenty of Theo Ratliff, which can go either way, depending on how embarrassing he is on offense. Also, if D.J. Augustin finds himself guarding Baron Davis, that could go very badly, as Baron has no problem playing with his back to the basket, and he's a big enough guy to give shooting guards problems, let alone D.J. Baron might not play due to injury, but it's definitely worth noting.

Thankfully, we've got a big advantage on the wings, where Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace have a physical advantage over Eric Gordon, Travis Outlaw is questionable with a foot injury, and Rasual Butler isn't exactly imposing. If they go bigger with Craig Smith, that could be interesting, since he can muscle around Crash 'n Jax.

Key to Victory: Stop Kaman from doing his thing. Baron won't be himself coming off injury, so that's probably Charlotte's weakest spot.

Detail That Should Interest More Than .08% of You: Donald Sterling, Clippers owner, is a notorious slumlord.