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Reaction to Bobcats Loss to Clippers

Trying something different due to the late night combined with an early start at the day job. Straight from my RSS reader to you: links for the Clips game last night.

Charlotte Observer: In order to lose to the team like the Los Angeles Clippers these days, something bad has to happen. Something did. Stephen Jackson shot 1-of-16 from the field. And predictably he lost his temper. And then he fouled out.

DA -- Most of what I read around the Bobcats-osphere is positive about Jax, but from a coldly rational point of view, we've all got to admit something like this -- certainly not this bad, but similar -- was bound to happen. Shooting 1-16 from the field is exceptionally difficult to do for an NBA player, just because anyone left in the game to shoot that often has got to be pretty skilled in the first place, but it's not exactly unheard of for a gunner like Jackson to fall into that kind of a funk. Jax is a pro, and I'm sure he understands that he's got to move on, but next time the shots just aren't falling, I'd love to see him turn it up another notch on defense, leap just a little higher for rebounds, and make his passes just that much crisper, all to stay productive.

Bobcats Baseline: The fact that Jackson’s stinker came a day after his "tired from fatigue" comments doesn’t bode well for a team that has no real backup at the shooting guard position.  Hopefully the coaches will stop rubber cementing Gerald Henderson to the bench from this point on. One positive note from this development: It did seem as if Jackson’s frustration came from his inability to help his teammates when they needed him, rather than some ego-fueled scorer’s rage. You like to see that in a player.

DA -- Free Gerald Henderson.

Queen City Hoops: Boris Diaw nearly had the Bobcats first ever triple double, finishing with 20, 9, and 9 in points, rebounds, and assists. He did it while shooting 8 of 13 from the field, but did have 5 turnovers. He seems to have a bit more life to him following the addition of Tyrus Thomas - and that is a very good thing for the Bobcats going forward.

DA -- Could this be a somewhat unexpected result of adding Tyrus Thomas? While Boris probably does need to rebound more, and I've advocated that he play more power forward-ish, that's mainly because it's the role he'd been thrust into with the addition of Jackson. However, with Free Money on board (background on that nickname for TT) to take on some rebounding/defense load, Diaw has more leeway to just be himself.