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Michael Jordan Buys the Charlotte Bobcats

Michael Jordan will be the new principal owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. It's a bittersweet moment, because Jordan should be a marketing machine, a one of a kind front office executive who can be the face of the franchise and rally sponsors to ride his coattails. He's a tremendously charismatic man who could change the culture of pro basketball in the Carolinas within a couple years. That's the best case scenario.

The worst case scenario is that he repeats the mediocrity he showed in Washington and in his pre-Larry Brown tenure in Charlotte, and doesn't delegate decision-making to his subordinates. His worst qualities as an executive are in player personnel decisions, so it would probably be best if he got out of that department altogether. Of course, that will require him to subsume his considerable ego and understand he's got to play his role and get his teammates involved -- like the Bulls, circa 1996.

Let me make clear, if you couldn't tell from previous posts, that I was hoping Jordan would be on his way out, but now that he's on board for sure, it's time to give him a chance to make the best of this. I'm going to make an effort to judge him moving forward, and not judge him entirely based on his previous missteps, for the short to medium term, at least.

Finally, it's somewhat fitting that Robert Johnson sold the team to his friend who was struggling to gather up investors just a week ago. There's also the matter of Jordan's blackness. No matter your political opinion on the matter, it's been extremely important to Johnson that the NBA have a black owner, and it's somewhat fitting that he sold to another African American man.