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Would You Trade D.J. Augustin for Glen Davis?

Following up on the True Hoop post about trading D.J. Augustin for Glen Davis, Celtics Blog has a poll up, and over 50% of their readers are voting Yes to the trade. I've made my feelings about Augustin pretty clear over the months, and I still believe he can be a solid, young, cost-controlled, point guard for years to come.

However, I'm also pretty sure Larry Brown would rather have Kevin Ollie than D.J. Augustin, and running with Flip or another veteran pickup as the main backup PG might be worth the upgrade in the front court, in his mind. (Acie Law is not anyone's answer.)

Furthermore, after the season, looking to what lies ahead, I can talk myself into Big Baby as the starting PF, whether Boris Diaw takes a bench role or he's traded for a PG. Kirk Hinrich, anyone?

In any event, what say you? Would you trade Augustin for Davis right now?