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Bobcats Defeat Wizards 94-92

Raymond Felton hit a shot with 1.9 seconds remaining to put the Bobcats ahead of the Wizards 94-92. The Wiz couldn't score in the remaining moments, giving the Cats the win.

Game thread comments, highlights, and lowlights after the jump.


drapht00 -- [Chandler’s] got that “just finished puberty so I can only grow hair on my neck but not on my cheeks” look. There’s got to be a name for that.

andrewlail76 -- Brevin Knight with the steal! Walter Hermann from the Cornerrrrrrrrr 3ptr!


-- Winning is always good, on balance, except for those rare occasions when there's nothing to be gained from a single game's victory. However, the franchise's long term interests are not being served with this tight rotation. Only eight guys played tonight. Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson need to play. Gerald Wallace played 48 minutes. That's not a typo. 48 minutes. Stephen Jackson played 45. Here's my challenge to you all: Just about everyone takes it as a given that playing that many minutes is not a good thing, otherwise more teams would play their best players that many minutes. Can you find any hard data supporting that assertion? Is there hard data that says playing guys 42 minutes per game for the whole season is perfectly acceptable?


-- Wallace needed 14 shots to get 17 points, but he also pulled down 13 rebounds. Sweeeeeet.

-- Flip Murray has, quietly, been a +/- hero this season. It's easy to see how when he puts up 16 points on 10 shots.

-- It's great to see Tyson Chandler got 10 minutes on the floor and performed admirably, with 5 points and 5 rebounds. If he and Nazr Mohammed can split time at center with Diaw in a roughly 45-45-10 split, that could be ideal, especially given the age and injury issues facing our big men.