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Gameday Preview Charlotte Bobcats vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Pump Up Music: Iron Horse -- "Paranoid"

The Big Picture: I'm not sure what the 76ers can do from here. They feel like one of those teams destined to land around 30 wins each of the next few years, until either a transformative player or transformative coach lands in their laps. Eddie Jordan is probably gone at the end of the season (when they might woo Larry Brown, but that's a discussion for then), and the team's direction is in traction until they get that new coach.

With the players on hand, the Sixers should be both successful and entertaining. I may as well come out and admit my mancrush on Andre Iguodala up front. After 2005-era Tayshaun Prince and 2010-era Gerald Wallace, he's right up there with just about anyone else I'd love to see on the Bobcats (non-LeBron division). I think that I think that I think that Iggy can still be the cornerstone of the Sixers' next championship run, but it's probably not going to be with Samuel Dalembert on the post.

If the next management team is gutsy, they'll make a play for a Hakeem Warrick (or Tyrus Thomas) type to play power forward alongside Elton Brand as the nominal center with a MLE, go with Iggy at small forward or guard, Lou Williams and (possibly) Jrue Holiday sharing point, and scooping up a Matt Barnes type to compete with Thaddeus Young at small forward or guard if Dalembert's not traded for a high-end version of one. Of course, they'll need a coach who will let them out-athlete the rest of the league.

Key to Victory: It's okay to go small. Dalembert is their only real center. Let's not mess around with Theo Ratliff too much, okay? Let Tyrus do his thing with Boris Diaw in the front court. I want therealtythomas to get 35 minutes tonight after getting only about 27 last night.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: If you're ever in Philly, make sure to go to Ralph's. It's David-approved and, most importantly, Official Girlfriend of Rufus on Fire-approved.