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Bobcats Beat Sixers 102-87, Now Over .500

The Charlotte Bobcats got a monster offensive game from Gerald Wallace as they blasted the Philadelphia 76ers, 102-87. Next up are the Los Angeles Clippers, another rudderless team that desperately needs some direction.

Lowlights, highlights, and an announcement after the jump.


-- Nothing bad happened in this game. The Cats completely dominated from tip to buzzer.


-- Everything was good, but Gerald Wallace was best, shooting 9-10 from the field and 10-11 from the line for 28 points. If you're not paying close enough attention, that's a crazy-good success rate.

-- Boris Diaw went 5-5 from the field, including two threes, to finish with 13 points.

-- Stephen Jackson wasn't spectacular with his shot, needing 19 attempts to get 24 points, but he also grabbed 10 rebounds to lead tie Samuel Dalembert for the game high. The other shoe may drop someday, but Jackson's making the most of this chance to highlight his talent and get everyone to momentarily forget the seedier sides of his personality.

-- Wild applause to Larry Brown for finally, in what may be a first for this season, giving his players a rational minutes distribution, garbage time caveats be damned. Stephen Graham, bless him, played only 1:11, Gerald Henderson got almost 10 minutes, Derrick Brown played almost 5 minutes, and Crash 'n Jax each stayed under 39 minutes. If you're going to quibble with anything, it might be that Tyrus Thomas got "only" 24 minutes, while Theo Ratliff played about 22, but that's a slight quibble.


Thank you for bringing all the monkeyshark images to Rufus on Fire. I'm going to try to put together a pre-game podcast during the stretch run, but it may have to wait until the playoffs, if the Bobcats make the tournament.

Here's where I need some advice: I have experience with BlogTalkRadio, which seems to be the free industry standard for live podcasts, but I don't like the idea of using a phone, since I've got a microphone and all that jazz, and I'd prefer the better sound quality. I absolutely want your voices involved, though. So I've done some rudimentary research, and I don't see any clear options for a live podcast that doesn't require a phone for the host and that takes calls from users. Any ideas? Any experience with other services? Is BTR the best option? EMAIL