Bobcats Sign Larry Hughes

Well, what kind of feedback is there for this? I guess we can use him? I find it odd in some ways, and in other ways I guess it is best to fill the roster spot. We'll need all the veteran help we can get. It also is fairly obvious to me that we not only aren't 100% with Hendo...we aren't 100% with Graham either.

I know that Hughes is more PG than anything, but has to be a welcome addition. DJ is coming into his own, but it is also nice to have another ball handler at 6'5" with us. We'll just have to see where LB fits him in.

DA -- An awful, awful, decision on so many levels. Hughes is a barely passable "point" guard and probably no better than Henderson, in sum, at the two. This doesn't improve the team much today, and it doesn't do anything for the young players' development. If they wanted to get a third string ball handler on the roster with some upside and who could guard twos, Dontell Jefferson is available, was last season's Ridiculous Upside Defensive Player of the Year, and should be familiar with LB, having been on the team last year. This calls for the obligatory link: