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The Rufus on Fire Podcast is coming; also, design a RoF shirt

I've got a programming announcement and a contest in this post, so be sure to check out the whole thing. First, the programming announcement.

TUESDAY, MARCH 23, we'll have the first Rufus on Fire podcast. It will be live, thanks to Blogtalkradio, before that night's game against the Washington Wizards, and I'll be taking phone calls. It'll be fun. Be ready to bring your A-game.

Second, the contest: I'm developing a Rufus on Fire t-shirt to be sold through the SB Nation store.

I have a couple ideas, but I want your input, too, and many of you have better design skillz than I do, anyway. Hence, a t-shirt concept design contest.


I will pick two winners. The First Prize winner will get to choose between a Gerald Wallace signed basketball and a Raymond Felton signed authentic jersey. The Second Prize winner will receive the other one. I don't have certificates of authenticity on these, so you'll have to take it on my word that I obtained both in my prize pack from the Bobcats for winning the Ultimate Fan contest.

Details after the jump.


Email an image (or several images) to with the subject line: "T-Shirt Contest", and what name you'd like cited on the site. Include a brief explanation of what goes where, i.e.: which image goes on the back, which on the front, et cetera.

The deadline for all submissions is 11:59pm, March 31st, 2010.


Do not use any logos or images you do not have the right to use. That includes the likenesses of NBA players.

Do try to be simple and direct. The best shirt design's message will be readily apparent at a glance.


By submitting images to the contest, you're agreeing that should I choose your image as a First Place winner or Second Place winner, you'll give me the design to use either as is or as the basis of a design for a t-shirt to be sold on SB Nation's store, without further compensation. If your design is not chosen as a winner, you're agreeing to let me post those images on the site, as I'll probably do to show the "honorable mention" designs in a future post.

It's possible, due to the vagaries of our t-shirt process, that none of the designs will be used on a shirt, but if that happens, I'll still pick winners for the prizes and post designs on the site. Any questions? Email me.