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Make a team on a budget - $24 million

It's an off day after an uninspiring win over a cellar dweller. The Bobcats will host the Washington Wizards tomorrow -- they may still be without Andray Blatche -- and until then, there may not be much to talk about. Sure, the playoffs are within sight, but with Chicago's daunting schedule and Toronto's incredible fade down the stretch, I'm as confident as ever that a playoff berth is in the bag.

So, here's a fun little exercise for you to attempt on your lunch break that will give everyone an idea of what you value in basketball players. NBA rules would never allow you to do this, because of the salary floor, but try to build a 12-man team with only 24 million dollars (09-10 contracts). Use Storyteller's Contracts site. My team is after the jump.

PG -- Darren Collison (1.3), Mario Chalmers (0.8)

SG -- Marcus Thornton (0.5), Chris Douglas-Roberts (0.7), Dontell Jefferson (0.5)

SF -- LeBron James (15.8), Nicolas Batum (1.1), Luc-Richard MBah Amoute (0.7)

PF -- DeJuan Blair (0.9), , Pops Mensah-Bonsu (0.5), Rodney Carney (0.8)

C -- Jon Brockman (0.5)