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Gameday Preview Charlotte Bobcats vs. Washington Wizards



Pump Up Music: Talib Kweli -- "Get By"

The Big Picture: Having just battled the Washington Wizards in an overtime game earlier this week, nothing much has changed since then. The Andray Blatche thing has blown over in those few days, and we should expect him to play much of the game this time around. Al Thornton has been starting for the Wiz, but he's questionable with a hip injury. If he can't play, I guess they'd start Nick Young alongside Mike Miller, allowing Gerald Wallace the opportunity to light him up instead of Stephen Jackson.

Key to Victory: The Wizards are a terrible team. We know this. They know this. The Pacers ran them out of the building, and so should the Bobcats. Gentlemen, I want you to outclass them, give them their 14th straight loss, and give yourselves the opportunity to rest up all weekend for Monday's game against a playoff contender, Toronto.

All that said, Blatche takes a ton of shots per game. Let him. He's got an acute case of gunner disease, yet he doesn't have Gilbert Arenas's, or even Stephen Jackson's, level of refinement about it.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: When Earl Boykins signed to play in Italy before the 2008-09 season, he was the highest-paid player in the Italian league.