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Open Gameday Thread Charlotte Bobcats at Boston Celtics

TV: Fox Sports Carolinas | Radio: 610 AM
SB Nation Celtics Blog: Celtics Blog

When I asked [Pat Riley] what the ultimate key to beating Boston was, I assumed (and kind of hoped, actually) that he'd start talking about the way Michael Cooper matched up with Bird defensively. Instead, he went into a bunch of crap about the fifteenth-century Boers.

"We had to get over the psychological element of the Celtic mystique," Riley insisted. "After we choked in '84, I had to teach my guys exactly who the Celtics were in a historical sense. I mean, the Celts were a cult who did sinister things in secret places. That's where I took it. I had to teach them who their opponent was originally, because that's exactly who they were playing in 1987. I don't know if the Celtic players knew about Celt history, but that's how those guys played."

From: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: a low culture manifesto, by Chuck Klosterman



1 -- I added the Rufus on Fire Facebook group widget in the right hand sidebar. Become a fan so everyone else sees that you're a fan. Recruit people. When the ultimate showdown between NBA fan bases happens, I want at least a single brigade of chain-wielding psycho Bobcats fans to back me up. Those crazy Raptors fans can bring it.

2 -- Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can make better use of Twitter? The site feeds front page posts, but I'm also looking for ways to embrace it that don't involve "sitting on Twitter for four hours every day browsing and retweeting".