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Love the t-shirt ideas that have been coming in

Remember how I wanted your input on t-shirt ideas? I've gotten some pretty good ones, and plenty that I like enough to put in a gallery that I'll post once the contest concludes.

Oh, you forgot there was a contest?


I will pick two winners. The First Prize winner will get to choose between a Gerald Wallace signed basketball and a Raymond Felton signed authentic jersey. The Second Prize winner will receive the other one.

Keep sending your designs to, and see the original contest page for the details, including rules.

In the meantime, here are three ideas I threw together after last night's game, all for the main image on the front of a shirt.




These are just concepts, so I didn't alter "First in Flight" to "" like I'd want done on the license plates. I'd also consider a basketball scene instead of the Wright brothers' glider, but I like it either way.

(PS: If you're a dork like me, you've probably noticed that the NC license plates feature three different fonts. I'm just saying.)