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Bobcats fans need some happy time

This whole "losing" thing sucks. We need some more happy time to neutralize the acid.

  1. I have faith we're done with snow in Charlotte until next winter.
  2. Stopping for lunch at a Manhattan Burger King, New York Times 'On Language' columnist William Safire ordered two "Whoppers Junior" Monday.
  3. The Official Girlfriend of Rufus on Fire's Mother will make lasagna at some point in the future, and said lasagna will have the most delectable meatballs in the world.
  4. Friend of Rufus on Fire Scott Armstrong was hired by the Asheville Tourists to work on their broadcasts, so big congratulations are in order. Anybody out in that area who might run into him is encouraged to make friends and help welcome him to North Cack.
  5. I still haven't gotten tired of this after all these years. Jonathon Coulton rules.

What makes you happy right now?