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Bobcats Knock Off Lakers 98-83

The Charlotte Bobcats pulled off a rousing victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, 98-83, in front of a riled up full house at Time Warner Cable Arena. Stephen Jackson went toe to toe with Kobe Bryant from tip to buzzer, and the rest of the Cats stepped up their offense.

By the end of the third quarter, the Bobcats had frustrated the Lakers and bullied them into submission. With Tyrus Thomas playing big minutes and Gerald Henderson(!) getting real playing time, the Cats were running three extra-long, extra-quick, tenacious defenders at all times, and when Jackson sat in favor of Henderson, you could also say it was three high flying fast break artists, too. Even the Lakers' small lineup couldn't keep up.

Larry Brown has said he actually prefers a free-flowing, fast break, up tempo, type of game, believe it or not. My favorite style involves a running athlete like Gerald Wallace or Tyrus Thomas at power forward. Here's hoping the Bobcats' personnel and LB's secret desires lead to that result.

Game thread comments, lowlights, and highlights after the jump.


drapht00 -- Jordan got beat by Hendo in HORSE, then it got leaked to the media (probably by Hednerson himself). Jordan, as the new owner, told LB that he can’t lose to a guy that doesn’t play. So LB had to put him in. If that’s the case, MJ +1 as owner.

Ft.Mill Bobcat -- Why can't we always play Cleveland and the Lakers?


-- Too bad Derrick Brown couldn't join the party. Isn't he more of the same medicine if they're already playing Thomas, Wallace, Jackson, and -- I can't believe this -- Henderson?


-- Crash continues to bring it night after night, getting another double-double and continuing his shockingly effective streak from three. The past few months, he seems to have found the balance between the Sam Vincent era, when he bombed away willy-nilly, and the rest of his basketball life, when he was discouraged from shooting from deep, which was correct because he wasn't good at it. But when he takes only open threes, those are good shots.

-- I think I've written this before: Tyrus Thomas takes too many shots, but he's been doing everything else so well, from defense to rebounding to running the floor, that it's totally fine for now.

-- As noted in the lede, Stephen Jackson played an inspired game, scoring 21 points on 14 attempts and badgering Kobe to a 26-point night on 21 shots.

-- Gerald Henderson, it's fantastic to see you. Keep doing what you're doing. The defense is there already. The offense wasn't great tonight, but it'll come in time.