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Gameday Preview Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat

First, the Official Father of Rufus on Fire reveals where the Sunday Frivolity photo was taken:

It's in the old "Paco" district of Manila, Philippines, on a little back street named Manggaahan. GPS coordinates, which may be placed in the address bar of Google maps: (14.577888214153697, 121.00159406661987). No guarantee that this is exactly right, but if it's not, you'd still be within a quarter mile. I took the photo while wandering around the neighborhood near the house where we were guests and didn't note the street name.  Based on the angles of the streets, that GPS spot is my best guess.

I've no clue as to why the key is labeled "Rotonda", unless it's a loosely applied use of the Spanish import to declare this wide spot in the road is to be kept clear for vehicles to turn around. As someone mentioned in the replies to your quiz, rotonda in Spanish (and Tagalog) means "roundabout" (British)  or "traffic circle" (American) in English.

Congrats to milky c, who guessed "Davao, Philippines" for an answer. Davao City is on a completely different island from Manila, but it was the most specific answer to include "Philippines". Just a reminder that basketball is the national game in more than one place. On to the game preview...

Pump Up Music: Lush -- "Ladykillers"

The Big Picture: Owning tiebreakers is nice. Should the Bobcats beat the Miami Heat tonight, they'll own the tiebreaker on them for playoff seeding -- a tiebreaker that could be the difference between making the playoffs and being the last team in the lottery. Obviously, winning out would be preferable, but that's hardly a reasonable goal, given the Cats' schedule from here on out.

We've been seeing more Tyson Chandler, which is fantastic, if only to get another big body in the rotation, but also because I do think that when he's at his best, he provides a useful dimension to the team, and getting him back to his best should be an organizational goal. This is a step in that direction. It's doubly important that he's able to play minutes because Jermaine O'Neal is questionable for the Heat. He says he'll play, but JO playing through injury is better for us than rejuvenated JO.

Key to Victory: I'm not kidding. Use Gerald Henderson on Dwyane Wade. This is the first night of a home-away back-to-back. Henderson held his own in his stretch against Kobe Bryant. Give him another challenge and at the same time give Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson a bit of a rest, since they can split small forward duty while Henderson is in the game. If Crash 'n Jax play more than 35 minutes, I'll be disappointed.

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Last year, Wade had more blocks per game than Pau Gasol.