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Larry Brown and the Clippers is a fascinating non-story

Everyone's talking about Larry Brown contacting the Clippers about their coaching job. Let's speculate wildly!

1 -- It was probably his fallback plan in case George Postolos won the bidding for the Bobcats. Now that Michael Jordan is the owner-in-waiting, Brown's immediate motive for arranging a landing spot is gone. Jordan will want him to stay for at least another season.

2 -- If Brown is going to transition to a purely front office role anywhere, this is the ideal franchise to give him that opportunity. Does it make sense to go to Philadelphia or Sterling's Kingdom to start anew? Or does it make more sense to simply become president of the JordanCats, where the team is already somewhat in his image and he has de facto assistant GM power, where he can hand-pick Billy King as his GM, and where he can hand-pick a head coach? (Granted, I understand "more sense" is relative when it comes to Larry Brown's career path.)

3 -- Don't get me wrong: it's a story well worth reporting. However, as I've been reading it, there's nothing more to it than anything else LB's done while with the Cats -- feeling out the Philly situation, for example.