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Charlotte Bobcats win despite resting starters, 99-95

The Charlotte Bobcats were without their starting point guard and gave extra rest to their other starters, yet they still managed to eke out a victory over the Detroit Pistons, 99-95.


Ourdaywillcome -- Jacks is playing like it's Christmas morning...

StudMuffin15 -- I think D.J. got his swagg back when he decided to wear the tube socks.


-- As noted in the comments section of a previous post, there are rumors going around about Gerald Henderson's relationship with Larry Brown. Obviously, something is amiss. In short, the rumor -- again, I have zero confirmation; this is entirely a rumor based on hearsay -- is that Henderson actively resisted an assignment to the NBDL, so the Cats must have saved face for everyone by keeping him on the NBA roster. The thing is, this kind of story only lives because the playing time pattern matches the narrative. If Brown simply thinks Henderson sucks, then Gerald would have played in this game, since Ajinca, Diop, and Felton were the obvious inactive candidates. Yet, Henderson sat, garnering the DNP-CD. If he did resist the D-League assignment, I don't blame him, because as useful as the D can be, and as much as I believe in it as a player development/rehab tool, right now a first round pick who spends time at that level wears a scarlet letter. It's just sad that it's not working out.


-- In 40 minutes, D.J. Augustin didn't shoot all that well, going 6-12 from the field and not getting to the line at all, but he did distribute well, dishing 9 assists.

-- Can't... type... those... words... Larry Huges... ... ... exploded for 18 points on 6-10 from the field, including 4-6 from three. Crikey. My fingers are burning!

-- Overall, no regular starter played more than 34 minutes, no one got hurt, and the Cats sent the crowd home happy with a win. Sweet.