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Bobcats beat Nets, just like everyone else has all year

With last night's 105-95 win over the New Jersey Nets, the Charlotte Bobcats are now locked in to the 7 seed and will have the challenge of facing the Orlando Magic in the first round of the playoffs. Here's the highlight package from the game.

The Cats only have one more game in the regular season, in Charlotte against the Chicago Bulls, who will be on the back half of a back to back after hosting Boston the night before. It will be tempting to play starters and go all out, since Chicago may have their season on the line, but here's hoping the Bobcats concentrate on staying healthy and ready to bring 192 minutes of hell upon the Magic.


QCH -- The Bobcats controlled their turnovers (relatively) in the game with just 14. I say just because in the two losses they averaged 16.5.

Bobcats Baseline -- Nothing against Terrence Williams, who was taken one spot ahead of Henderson and who had an excellent game himself (21 points, 13 boards and 6 assists in 41 minutes) but for the first time all season it seemed as if Henderson belonged in the League.  He looked confident and asserted himself at both ends of the court.  This looks promising.