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Bobcats lose season finale 98-89; playoffs begin later this week

The Charlotte Bobcats finished their season with a loss to the Chicago Bulls, 98-89, but this one game's result is essentially an afterthought, since their playoff position was already set before the game. Congratulations to the Bulls for earning the right to get steamrolled by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, Bobcats' fans turn to Tyson Chandler and his hurt elbow and hip. The big man took a fall and left the game, not to return, though Rick Bonnell reported that "x-rays detected no fracture of the elbow". Here's hoping he's healthy enough to play against the Magic. I'm not prepared to see DeSagana Diop in a playoff game.


Ourdaywillcome -- That almost looked like Bogut except his arm stayed pointed in the right direction. (On Chandler's fall.)

StudMuffin15 -- Top 5 dunks of the season (not in order):

1) Amare on the Warriors
2) D Wade on Varajo
3) Rose on the Suns
4) (hate to do this) Marcus Thornton "on" Gerald
5) LeBron’s ally that didnt count from Mo Williams

(DA: I go Wade, LBJ, Thornton, Amare.)