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If you follow a lottery team, root for the Charlotte Bobcats in the playoffs

The SB Nation bloggers who follow NBA playoff teams have written out reasons to root for our respective teams this postseason. It's a fun little way for all of us to talk about our teams to a wider audience. My big conclusion:

There's room on the bandwagon, and I'm begging, so I'm not choosy; even if the Cats are your second, or third, or fourth favorite team, come aboard. Because Bobcats fans are so few and far between, we're inherently welcoming. No other fan base can say the same, so no other fan base will take you in so readily. Join us, even if only for the playoffs.

Which is my roundabout way of getting to the real point of this post: thank you. Thank you for making Rufus on Fire's season just about everything I'd hoped it would be. I do believe you are a welcoming group and that I'm lucky to have you guys around making this site what it is. The haters and slackers don't know what they're missing.