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Contribute to the Bobcats-Magic series preview

Tomorrow is the Bobcats' first playoff game, against the Orlando Magic. In keeping with what we've been doing all season long, I'll have the usual gameday preview format for the series preview, but we've all seen enough of the Cats and seen enough of the other teams in the league that I feel like only sharing my opinion would be a bit of a waste, so let's formalize the sharing a bit. My thoughts will be here tomorrow morning, but let's gather some of your thoughts in the comments to this thread and put them in the main post tomorrow. Answer each of these prompts with a sentence or two:

Pump Up Music: Choose a song that puts you in the right mood for this game.

The Big Picture: What have the Bobcats or Magic done this year that makes them unique?

Key to Victory: Which player, matchup, or coaching decision will have the most important impact on the series, and why?

Detail That May Interest .08% of You: Find a bit of trivia about the Magic and share it.

Prediction: Vote in the poll below. Tell us how you voted.